Florida rapper XXXTentacion is not ready to move on from his Migos altercation. The hip-hop newcomer has once again lit up social media to address the overnight feud.

XXX has hit up Instagram to change his avatar to troll one of the Migos group members and also take credit for them not landing in handcuffs after allegedly assaulting him.

#xxxtentacion says he didn't cooperate with police after he was assaulted yesterday.

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#migos affiliate posts pic of altercation yesterday

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#xxxtentacion vs #takeoff

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Yesterday, X went to Instagram with some since-deleted posts blasting Migos for attacking him.

From the desk of #xxxtentacion

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Earlier the same day, XXX raised eyebrows after calling out Migos for the attack.

β€œBefore you hear from anybody else, n*gga, I got jumped in LA by some p*ssy a** n*ggas and they jumped me, n*gga. Nobody gave me [a chance] with the one-on-one. Nobody gave me the respectable one-on-one.”

This past weekend, XXX went on a since-deleted Twitter rant and singled out some unnamed foes.