Late rapper XXXTENTACION and Gucci Mane‘s solo albums both dominate the sales chart. The duo’s newest studio releases managed to make Top 5 debuts.

XXX’s Skins toppled the competition atop the chart while Gucci Mane’s Evil Genius secured No. 5.

Skins’ debut week was largely driven by streaming activity of the album, as it tallied 78,000 SEA units, which equals 121.8 million on-demand audio streams of the set’s tracks. Gucci Mane scores his fifth top 10 album on the Billboard 200, as Evil Genius arrives at No. 5, earning 51,000 units (5,000 in album sales). In total, Evil is Gucci Mane’s 21st charting effort, stretching back to 2005’s Trap House. (Billboard)

Recently, Gucci Mane decoded the meaning behind his Evil Genius title.

Earlier this month, Gucci called himself the best rapper in the rap game.

“100 percent me. Who doper than me, like for real? I don’t wanna hear y’all tell me and why? And why? I gotta a million reasons why I am but why would somebody else be better? What they did? Who’d they help? What they been through? What’s they track record? Do they do what they say and the way that they did it? How many hurdles did they jump? How much opposition have they had? Did they have a cake walk? Did they do it by themselves? Was they blackballed?” (“The Cruz Show”)

Recently, Mane shared the cover art to his Evil Genius album.