Producer Wayne Wilkins recently hit up SOHH to discuss his Haiti tribute track “Hold On” he recorded with Wyclef Jean.

According to Wilkins, his experience working with the Fugee leader goes unmatched.

“That’s the most amazing artist that I’ve worked with ever,” he revealed to SOHH. “When I got to meet him, we started vibing in the studio. We just hit it off straight away. In that first session literally he walked in and within about 10 minutes he had the basic idea of what the song was going to be. Musically I’ve got a more pop background [so] we end up with a nice mixture of styles there…I knew it was brilliant. I get goosebumps listening to that song now. That’s my way of knowing.” (SOHH)

He recently detailed the initial concerns he had when putting the track together.

“I had no idea what was gong to happen,” he said in an interview. “I know Wyclef’s songs, and I’m a big fan of his. But I walked into the studio and thought, ‘What are we gonna do and what is it gonna sound like?’ I try not to think too much and just go for a mood and sound. He has so many lyrics going around in his head all the time. He does a blog every single day, generally, or every other day, where he describes the events of what happens, whether it’s making his records or his charity. When you hear him talk [in the studio], he’s actually making things up on the spur of the moment, freestyling.” (MTV)

The song also motivated Jean and Wilkins to attach a music video to it.

Wyclef’s Jean’s tribute to Haiti (and a friend-Jimmy O), “Hold On” – a collaboration between Jean and Mavado – now has a video. Jean was and has been at the forefront of bringing aid and awareness to the recent Haitian earthquake tragedy, including the Hope for Haiti telethon from last week which presented several of the most popular names in the every entertainment medium offering support or performing. (BSC Review)

A modern “We Are the World” tribute track is currently in the works.

Lady Gaga, Eminem, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake and Barbra Streisand are just a handful of the 100-plus stars scheduled to take part in a re-recording of “We Are the World” to benefit Haiti, producer RedOne told Rolling Stone yesterday at the Grammys. Other artists contributing to the new “We Are the World” — a remake of the 1985 USA for Africa charity single that was co-written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie — include Celine Dion, Fergie, Wyclef, Enrique Iglesias and more musicians who attended yesterday’s 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. (Rolling Stone)

Check out Wyclef Jean’s “Hold On” music video below: