With 2K Sports coming through with its WWE 2K18 release, SOHH entertainment correspondent Ryan Proctor has clocked in endless hours on the must-play title and now delivers the top five reasons you should mess with the action-packed wrestling title.

1. The Biggest Roster – EVER

What’s up SOHH community! Ryan Proctor here to bring you the top 5 reasons you should stop what you’re doing and go pick up WWE 2K18. There are 177 usable/unlockable superstars in this year’s edition. The pre-order alone landed you GM and WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle ‘Oh it’s true! IT’S DAMN TRUE.’ WWE Hall of Famers like the Ultimate Warrior, Bret Hart, The Rock, etc will be present this year as well. No word on who will be next with the DLC that will follow.

2. Create Your Superstar

We all love the create your superstar and this year’s edition does not disappoint. The freedom to roam backstage to start feuds or find allies and the promo system. Granted it was hard as hell to understand the promo engine, it was still fun to cut promos. We all know you have to cater to the crowd, because who cares if you’re a heel or a face, just ask AJ Styles or Kevin Owens, or The Miz.

3. Choose Your Fighting Style

What’s your favorite style of wrestling? Are you a powerhouse fan, like my boy Roman Reigns or Braun Strowman? Or are you a technical fan with guys like AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura. Hell you can even be a high flyer like Neville. Choice is yours. Remember Be Like No One!

4. Road To Glory

Every road has a beginning. Before you can declare yourself the G.OA.T you gotta start from the ranks of NXT. Prove yourself in a variety of ways. Cutting the dopest promos of all time, challenges to strongest people on the roster, or fight dirty and get a reputation around the locker room. Whatever it takes to get that monster push, DO IT! Break the rules, follow them, or make your own damn rules.

5. The Rock’s Playlist

It’s loaded with all sorts of music. From N.W.A Boyz in da Hood to Disturbed. It’s loaded by the great one himself, who even makes an occasional appearance in the game to guide you through the performance center.

*Side note though. This game can test your patience with the load times. Much like the past 2 or 3 editions of the game, load times can be grueling. Any time you guys want to throw down in this edition or any other game I throw out a review for the PS4, check out my gamertag RyanC34. Holler at me. Same with the twitter handle, Zero2Hero. Drop me a line anytime to chop it up about games, movies, or sports.*