Sometimes I’m not so sure of these rappers. One day they’re gangsters, the next day they’re business men.

When Irv first came on the scene, I knew him as DJ Irv. Then he became Irv Gotti. Now he’s Irv Lorenzo. Of course, I’m not stupid. He’s downplaying his image so he looks better to in the public eye.

Then you have Cam’ron who is being uncooperative in his shooting investigation. According to Juelz:

"Cam isn’t going to do it. It’s not in our nature. He isn’t going to stand up and point out a guy in a witness line and say, ‘That is the dude who shot me.’ We all came from the street."

That seems strange to me considering Freeky Zeeky took the stand in 2004 to testify against a man accused of killing his friend during a traffic accident.

Will someone please explain what’s the difference between both situations!

Finally, this whole situation with The Lox and Diddy.


The bottom line is The Lox ‘claim’ they want to be business men, but keep handling the situation like boys. Whether you’re from The Streets or The Boardroom, a deal is a deal. Diddy let them go to Interscope providing he got some of their publishing. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 years, 20 years or lifetime; The Lox need to man up and stop holding RADIO TELE-A-THONS getting the public to beg label to let them go.