[After hooking up with late hip-hop veteran Sean Price over the summer for a collaborative effort, Wu-Tang Clan affiliate 4th Disciple talks to SOHH about meeting the Boot Camp Clik leader and trying to put together an EP.]

I always wanted to work with Sean Price so I reached out a colleague of mine and he linked us together.

We went into the lab and made it work. From that magic, we agreed to do an EP project which would have been about seven tracks total EP.

His style is unique. For sure. I like that. He was bringing that element back that was basically needed. The ‘smack you in the face, get the f*ck outta here’ attitude.

That’s what I liked about it.

I feel the same way he felt. The way he expressed himself in the lyrics, that’s how I felt.

It wasn’t about any money. We just wanted to get together and vibe out. We wanted to see what would happen. That’s what I liked.

It wasn’t all about the paper per se but it was. He f*cked with me and gave me a shot. He liked what I heard and I liked what he heard. The chemistry was good.

So we decided to go ahead and continue through for the project.

It’s kind of up in the air at this moment for how we’ll get Sean’s stuff out.

Regardless of what happens, I just want to make sure his family gets everything that they’re supposed to get. Whatever happens with it, we just want to make sure his family is good.

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