With Diddy currently making headlines this week over his Ciroc rant, SOHH recently talked to his former assistant-turned-rapper Notar about his experience working with the Bad Boy CEO.

Notar credits Diddy for giving him an opportunity to see how the music industry functions behind the scenes.

“I learned a lot from being in that situation,” Notar told SOHH. “Not [from Diddy] necessarily but the people I was around, I learned a whole lot from. The thing about that is that man is surrounded by a team of people that work around the clock, consistently, to make his brand and his empire stand strong. Diddy gave me a shot and I took it. I never took it for granted and I never told anybody that I was a musician. I kind of wanted to just really lay back in the cut and learn. Learn and really work hard. No sleep is definitely a motto over there. I’m very grateful for the time that I had over there. I learned a lot, I really did.” (SOHH)

He also said working under Diddy’s wing helped him sway away from wanting to pursue a major record deal.

“I wanted to do the music thing my way,” Notar added. “I saw how artists were getting jerked and I’m not talking about over there, I’m just talking about the inside of [the music industry]. I saw how artists were getting jerked and the 360 deals and all this crap that people were being trapped into. I never once in my life said I didn’t want to do music. The thing is, you can’t let people or business pull you out of what you want to do. You just gotta keep pushing no matter what. If I had a dime for everybody that told me I can’t rap, I’d be sitting in Diddy’s penthouse on f*cking 72nd Street. You just gotta keep pushing and doing what you do man. That’s it.” (SOHH)

Recently, Notar said he earned a spot at Bad Boy through a mailroom opening.

“I’m from New Haven, Connecticut but when I first moved to New York permanently I got an internship with Octone Records. They were a subsidiary of J Records at the time and Clive Davis was trying to push Maroon 5. I worked as an intern getting coffee and cutting flyers and sh*t like that. A job opened up at Bad Boy in the mail room. I knew people who worked over there and they weren’t going to hire me at Octone. They were going to hire the chick with the nice a** and the big t*tties. They kind of let me go so I went over to Bad Boy and got the job in the mail room. I stayed there late nights and Puff came in one night and said he was interviewing for assistants the next day. I got the call from my buddy to go in and ended up being his assistant for a few months. It was a short stay but it was cool, I learned a lot. I was able to dissect the back of the music business the best way I could without letting anyone know I was interested in doing music professionally.” (Examiner)

A few years ago, Diddy ran a reality series called “I Want To Work For Diddy.”

The unemployment rate may be at an all-time high, but at least one person is hiring…Diddy. VH1 and Sean “P. Diddy Combs” are now accepting resumes for potential candidates to compete for the position of his personal assistant on the reality TV show, “I Want To Work For Diddy 2.” Diddy will once again hold a nationwide search for an Assistant with the mental and physical stamina it takes to work for one of the world’s most high profile CEOs. (Reality Wanted)