[With Hump Day here, SOHH correspondent Marcus “Quest” Sims helps get you through your mid-week grind with his “Woman Crush Wednesday” selection. Today’s pick: Lexis]

This week’s WCW is West Coast representative Lexis:


This Los Angeles resident is originally from New York City and somehow landed in Tacoma, Washington:

When bae comes in with that fresh cut…😂😭😂

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This 20-something beauty has an affinty for Jamaican food and East African food:


As we normally do we shot her out a few questions to help you get to know her better and here we go:


This strip club afficianido is really getting into Rozay tracks right now:


Picking dark over light liquor Alexis believes Hennything is possible, even the planned 30-year trip to Mars where she said the most imporant thing to take is a “toy”:


Looking to hit a topless beach soon, she says if she had to choose between a first date of bowling or a fancy restaurant, she’s picking the restaurant every time:


Speaking of choices, if she had to chose two people for her perfect threesome she wants it to be a fat a** Spanish chica and a big belly rude boy (that might explain the Rozay love):

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Among her favorite things are adult sites, dogs, her iPhone and vacations to London:


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Saying that if she could be anyone powerful woman in history she’d want to come back as Michelle Obama because “her husband was a real boss”:

Keep up with her at https://www.instagram.com/mslexisss/