[With Hump Day here, SOHH correspondent Marcus “Quest” Sims helps get you through your mid-week grind with his “Woman Crush Wednesday” selection. Today’s second pick: Kylee Mone aka Dimples]

Meet this week’s WCW – Kylee AKA Dimples:


This San Diego native claims she’s good at anything she tries and right now her sights are set on modeling:


There are a few things she wanted us to know, right off the bat if she could be any woman in history it would be Griselda Blanco because she was both a loving mother and real Boss who scared some of the most ruthless men in the world and had them working for her:


As usual we put some questions out to her to help you guys (and girls but we’ll get into that) flirt in the DMs:


First off DON’T SEND HER ANY D**K PICS, she thinks it’s wack plus she’s more into girls than she is guys (her exact statement):
If you are lucky enough to get her attention though fellas, she prefers Patron over everything else, she prefers romantic dates at nice restaurants like BOA, so no Applebees on the first date. BUT she’s always down to drop in on a strip club
She has a fantasy threesome of Nu Nu and Rashad AKA Lauren London and TI and she really wants to visit a nude beach before the summer is over

Keep up with her via Instagram https://www.instagram.com/therealdimples/