[With Hump Day here, SOHH correspondent Marcus “Quest” Sims helps get you through your mid-week grind with his “Woman Crush Wednesday” selection. Today’s pick: Kapree Karter]

This week’s WCW is Kapree Karter:

You'll be surprised who don't speak to you, but speaks of you.. 📸@j_alexphotos

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Hailing from the Tar Heel State, this Hollywood, California beautify is seeing her star on the rise:

A huge Lil Boosie fan, this 20-something beauty is any man’s dream (her words):


Preferring to cook at home naked, instead of fancy restaurants, she’d rather knock down some pins at bowling alley than a fancy restaurant:

Them thighs tho😋😉 lol 📸📸 @j_alexphotos

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She loves hitting Miami and intends on visiting the nude beach there the next time she goes:

She got mad hustle & a dope soul.💕

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When asked about her relationship with her family she says:

“My parents know everything from me stripping to me messing with females!”


When asked what she feels strongly about Kapree says:

“To be YOURSELF. Too many people try to please society”

B 0 D Y . 😈

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Other “interesting things about this one are:

She loves Patron

She loves girl-on-girl action

C H I L D S p l a y 💕 Credddddit: @j_alexphotos @j_alexphotos 📸🙃

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Likes dogs better than cats

You let me turn into the nigga that you almost was 👑 credit: @j_alexphotos 📸🙏🏽

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And her dream threesome would be:

“Just two BAD females! Actually I had seen these pictures of Bernice Burgos with Raven Tracy (both models), and my my my…that just might be it! If you would’ve said 3 other people I would’ve had to squeeze Lira Galore in there!”

To stay up on all of Kapree’s moves follow https://www.instagram.com/kapreekarter/