Taylor Gang leader Wiz Khalifa has no interest in calling a truce with rap rival Kanye West and took another shot at him during a concert this week.

Wiz went at Kanye’s head during a packed show last night (January 28).

Time hasn’t healed a thing for Wiz Khalifa … he’s still going off on Kanye West and his message was crystal clear for a rabid crowd in Chile — Kanye better run if they ever come face to face. The epic Twitter feud is obviously on his mind because Wiz repeatedly brought it up during his Thursday night concert — and you have to see what happened when he yelled, “We coming for you Kanye, you better run n**a!” (TMZ)

Check out how many Twitter followers Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa gained from the feud on the next page…

According to reports, Kanye and Wiz gained hundreds of thousands of new Twitter followers during their dispute.

West tweeted more than three dozen times, garnering over 400 million views, according to Twitter. Beyond that, Twitter spectators contributed to the conversation by adding 6.5 million tweets of their own, according to the social media platform. West incorrectly claimed that his Twitter spree led Khalifa to lose 2 million followers; however, Khalifa has gained over 125,000 new devotees Thursday, while West has net nearly 300,000 himself. (Billboard)

Footage of Wiz blasting Kanye this week has surfaced (January 27) online.

While performing “Taylor Gang” during a show in Argentina, he yelled out “Fuck Kanye!” But he refused to further engage him on Twitter. “im not finna troll that man,” Wiz told a fan. (Rap-Up)


Kanye appeared to fire the first shots by trashing Khalifa and referring to the rapper’s ex-wife Amber Rose as a stripper on Twitter Wednesday (January 27).

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