Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa can breathe a bit lighter these days as new reports claim that drug-related charges stemming from his November arrest have since been dropped.

Thursday (September 8) reports claim Wiz is no longer charged with trafficking marijuana in North Carolina.

Drug charges were dropped against a rapper who performed at East Carolina University because the charges were in error at the time of his arrest, the district attorney said Wednesday. All charges against the rapper and six others with him were dismissed when three of the men admitted the marijuana was theirs and pleaded guilty during an Aug. 11 hearing to misdemeanor possession, District Attorney Clark Everett said. Each of the three paid a $1,000 fine and court costs. “The magistrate or someone at that office must have misread the statute. We discovered the error maybe two hours after Thomaz paid the bondsman’s premium and left. Because of that, it was a high price he paid for bringing the drug onto the campus. Had he remained to discover the error, he would not have been bonded so high, probably $1,000,” District Attorney Clark Everett said. (Reflector)

Following last year’s arrest, Wiz came forward and said his celebrity status made him a target.

“They want to try to scare you or make an example out of you before you get too far into what you’re doing,” he told MTV News on Monday (November 15). “When I started doing what I was doing [in the music industry], I was ready for it. Just being from where I’m from, I was already a target on a small scale. But as I build up and become more nationally known, that scale just gets larger.” (MTV)

Southern rapper Yelawolf shared his reaction to Wiz’s arrest last November.

“It’s unfortunate Wiz got locked up,” Yelawolf explained to AllHipHop.com. “Its my homie. Its inevitable. That man smokes so much weed, he needs to move to Cali to live where its legal. He definitely shouldn’t have been locked up for having weed or smoking weed. I mean he just smokes it, who gives a f**k. They need to let him go and drop that s**t.” (All Hip Hop)

Wiz was reportedly arrested while boarding his tour bus.

Buzzing rapper, Wiz Khalifa was arrested for the possession of marijuana. During the morning early hours of Tuesday, he was arrested when he made an attempt to board his touring bus. This happened after he finished his show at East Carolina University. Many American websites reported that the 23-year-old rapper was charged in Greenville, North Carolina. (MJB News Online)

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