Taylor Gang leader Wiz Khalifa put an immediate stop to a reporter asking for his opinion on one-time rap rival Kanye West this week.

Asked about Yeezy’s publicized Met Gala 2016 look this week, Wiz showed his disinterest by swaying away from the question.

“It was cool man, a lot of hot chicks,” Wiz said when asked about the Met Gala outing. “[The hottest?] Who was the hottest? There was a couple of them. I’m trying to figure out who the hottest was. Nah, I like numbers so I can’t just choose one. [Kanye’s eyes?] Don’t ask me about that guy.” (AP)

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This week, Wiz’s ex-wife Amber Rose talked about feuding with Kanye over calling out their son Sebastian on social media.

During an at-home interview with PEOPLE in this week’s issue, Rose says that people now know, “You better not come for Sebastian. Not my baby. I will protect him.” “It’s all a learning experience,” she says when asked about her tumultuous social media history. “I don’t put my personal business or my feelings out there. I did before, but I don’t now because I learned from that.” (People)

In March, Wiz denied apologizing to Kanye following a feud they had over Twitter earlier in the year.

“Nah. I keep sh*t brief. But for him, it’s no animosity, so it ain’t even no thing,” Wiz said when asked if the conversation lasted long. “[Did he apologize?] Mm-hmm. [Did I?] I have nothing to apologize for.” (GQ)

Back in February, buzz about Kanye reaching out to Wiz to end their spat surfaced online.


Kanye says he and Wiz chatted on Monday and it was a “Great convo.” He didn’t reveal much more about their discussion … other than to say it was “All positive.” We’ve learned the peace summit was two-pronged. Our sources tell us Wiz and ‘Ye’s convo went down Monday morning — and a few hours later Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose spoke to each other … then decided to have their meeting at Kris Jenner’s house. (TMZ)