[With his Boys of Zummer tour kicked off this month, Taylor Gang leader Wiz Khalifa talks to SOHH about what summer video game has caught his eye.]

As far as games go, I don’t really play too many games when I’m on tour because I’m really hands on with everything.

So pretty much from the time I wake up, I have a schedule, you know, and then after the show, I’m pretty much running around and stuff like that.

So I’m not really [into them but] that new Batman looks sick though. I’d probably end up playing [Batman: Arkham Knight] like crazy when it comes out.

Yes, it’s a legit game.

I get into games like that where it’s like a whole world, and I will sit there and play it like for three days until I beat it.

That’s probably going to be the game that I get into when it does drop.

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