West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa are packing their bags to report to duty. The hip-hop duo are set to perform at an upcoming Call of Duty XP showcase in California.

According to a media press release, Snoop and Wiz are invading the mega video game franchise’s fan celebration next weekend.

The duo, who set out on their first-ever joint set earlier this summer on their High Road Tour, will take the stage for a special performance Sunday, September 4th, at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., to close the mega-Call of Duty fan event. “Call of Duty XP is the ultimate Call of Duty fan experience,” said Rob Kostich, EVP and general manager, Call of Duty, Activision. “From the game reveals led by Infinite Warfare multiplayer to the Call of Duty-inspired live experiences to the $2 million Call of Duty Championship finale, there’s something for everyone. It’s going to be an amazing time for our fans, even more so now with Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa there to cap this epic, multi-day event.” (PR)

A few years ago, rap star Kanye West showed off his Call of Duty love with a live performance.

This isn’t the first time Activision has signed big-name talent for a Call of Duty XP concert. For the inaugural event in 2011, Activision hired none other than Kanye West to perform. Additionally, the company booked Eminem and Jay-Z for E3 shows in the past. Also, Blizzard often hires major stars for its BlizzCon concerts; past performers included Blink 182, Tenacious D, and Ozzy Osbourne. (Gamespot)

Recently, Snoop revealed how his close-knit Khalifa relationship formed.

That relationship happened because my son was playing this record. He was playing songs that wasn’t mine in my house. I’m talking about in the bathroom, the living room, his room. I’m like, “Who is this rapper you keep playing?” He was like, “Oh, pops, that’s Wiz Khalifa. You need to get up on him, he’s tight.” So I reached out to him and was like, “I want to get down with you. My son likes your music and I like it too so how can we get down?” I was reaching out to him, showing him love, I had him come hang out with me and from our relationship with making music I was like, “We need to make a movie.” We went on tour and we just built a brotherhood that was necessary. One thing about me, if I love somebody and I feel like he’s family, I’ll treat you like family.” (SOHH)

Dogg also reflected on Wiz’s rise to superstardom in the entertainment industry.

“And now I see him blowing up, becoming bigger than life and he’s outworking me on-stage. I ain’t ever been outworked on-stage. I know that and it’s cool to feel like that. I know that I’m getting a little older and I know this is a young man’s game and he pushes me to the limit every night to go out there and do my best. I love being on-stage with him because it’s a real brotherhood. It’s not like when I was on tours before and this artist has his dressing room and I never went into his dressing room and he never came into mine. We share a joint every night. We parlay every night. We hug each other. We tell each other we love each other on-stage in front of everybody every night ’cause it’s genuine.” (SOHH)