Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa recently discussed his love for R&B singer Rihanna and briefly touched on spending a few hours behind bars on a drug possession charge. #JailSelfie

While he said RiRi is a close pal, Khalifa did not think twice when asked who is a heavier smoker.

When asked if he’s every gotten high with Rihanna he casually confessed, “Yea, that’s the homie,” adding that he smokes more than the “Diamonds” singer and was trying to convert her to papers because “she smokes blunts and I smoke joints.” (NY Daily News)

The Pittsburgh native also revealed how he snuck a phone behind bars.

“They’re tryna figure out how many grams I had,” he added. “How ironic.” The real irony was that he got behind bars with his cellphone. “They didn’t search me enough so I took a selfie in jail,” he told Hot 97 when asked how he was able to manage bringing his phone with him. (NY Daily News)

Recent reports claimed Texas police were on the prowl to find out how Khalifa pulled off a jail selfie.

El Paso cops are investigating a breach in jailhouse security … they want to know how in the world Wiz Khalifa managed to sneak a selfie while he was in lockup. Now we’re told police brass have launched an investigation because inmates are NOT allowed to take pics in the jail with their phones. Cops want to know if Khalifa was left unsupervised or if one of the jailers was a star f-er and facilitated the pic. (TMZ)

Details of Wiz’s unexpected run-in with law enforcement emerged online late last month.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa (real name Cameron Thomaz) was arrested Sunday morning after being stopped by a TSA officer at the El Paso International Airport, E! News has confirmed. “The TSA Officer learned that Thomaz did not have any identification which led to him being sent for secondary screening,” El Paso Chief of Police Gregory K. Allen said in a statement. “During that screening the TSA Officer located a metal container inside of the backpack which contained a prohibited item.” (E! Online)


Check out Wiz Khalfia’s interview: