Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa has put an immediate end to rumors and speculation suggesting there may be problems between him and former video vixen/wife Amber Rose.

Despite the mounting gossip, Khalifa declared his love for Rose and their child over Twitter.

“I can’t wait to see my wife!,” Khalifa tweeted January 5.

“Im gonna give her a big hug. Sniff her face. Kiss her all over and rub her head”

“And Shabba doobie’s gettin so much daddy time” (Wiz Khalifa’s Twitter)

Over the weekend, some media outlets suggested he may have traded his loyalty to Amber for some groupie love.

Back in 2012 Wiz Khalifa famously revealed that he doesn’t even look at other women because his then fiance Amber Rose didn’t want him to. Funny how things change… Last night on Instagram Wiz Khalifa posted a sad-face selfie cryptically captioned that he was the only person he could trust. Then he posted pictures of himself hugged up with two groupies, which is something that he NEVER does. Amber come get your husband. (Rhymes With Snitch)

Over the summer, Wiz said sharing the dance floor with his wife and seeing her walk down the aisle stood out the most on their wedding day.

“Probably the first dance with me and Amber,” Wiz told us when we spoke to him on the red carpet outside the Barclays Center. Though he wouldn’t reveal which song they danced to, the rapper added that “seeing her walk down the aisle … was just mind-blowing.” (MTV)

A few days prior, Wiz revealed a photo of Amber in her wedding gown.

Now, this is how a man is suppose to treat a woman. A week after tying the not, Wiz Khalifa shared a picture of his wife Amber Rose in her wedding dress. The caption? “Damn she’s perfect.” Rose looks absolutely stunning in a white chiffon gown and fur boa. The couple wed in Khalifa’s native Pittsburgh on Sunday (Aug. 18). The two made it official exchanging vows at a courthouse in July, after welcoming son Sebastian “The Bash” Taylor Thomaz in February. (VIBE)

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