Taylor Gang’s Wiz Khalifa is low-key really about that MMA life. The hip-hop star has dished on the possibility of lacing up a pair of gloves and making a huge octagon debut.

In a new interview with paparazzi, Wizzy admitted the right amount of cash could have him take his talent to the MMA.

Wiz Khalifa says he completely AGREES with Jay Glazer … that he’s good enough to take a pro MMA fight if he wanted to. There’s just one catch … HE NEEDS A CRAPLOAD OF MONEY! So, when we saw Wiz at LAX we asked if there was a chance … and he didn’t say no! “You got to pay me a whole bunch of money to get me to fight, man.” Wiz says he still likes rapping better than fighting — but he really enjoys training with some of the best MMA stars in the world. (TMZ)

Last month, Wiz reached out to rap star 50 Cent about possibly managing his potential MMA career.

In late March, Wiz went to Instagram to flex his insane workout body.

Recently, Wiz appeared to low-key hint at a possible Amber Rose reunion going down.

“See I met this b*tch she was so d*mn fine. Had to f*ck that b*tch just one more time. Have you seen her? Tell me have you seen her?”