Taylor Gang leader Wiz Khalifa is really practicing his social distancing goals and clocking in major smoking sessions. The hip-hop veteran has shared some epic footage of himself going into a smoke off against his mom.

Big Facts

This week, some must-see footage surfaced of Wiz putting his day one to the test. The clip features both Khalifa and his mom doing a ’10 Puff’ challenge.

“Wiz Khalifa does the 10 Puff Challenge with his mom 😂💨🌱” -SOHH’s Instagram

Wiz Khalifa takes on his mom in the 10 Puff Challenge

High-Key Details

This past weekend, rap star 2 Chainz shared an article headline singling out cannabis smokers and didn’t hold back on questioning marijuana getting targeted. Deuce reacted to marijuana allegedly increasing the likelihood of getting coronavirus.

“What about cigarettes , cigars , heroin , crack , meth ?? Or only reefa ? 🤔Asking for a friend” -2 Chainz’s Instagram

2 Chainz reacts to marijuana allegedly making people more susceptible to COVID-19

Wait, There’s More

Last week, reports emerged about the connection between COVID-19 and cannabis. Some outlets claim smoking marijuana could increase the risk for more severe issues from coronavirus.

“What happens to your airways when you smoke cannabis is that it causes some degree of inflammation, very similar to bronchitis, very similar to the type of inflammation that cigarette smoking can cause,” said pulmonologist Dr. Albert Rizzo, chief medical officer for the American Lung Association. “Now you have some airway inflammation and you get an infection on top of it. So, yes, your chance of getting more complications is there.” (CNN)

Before You Go

A few days ago, music mogul Diddy shared an emotional public service announcement about the coronavirus impacting African Americans more than other races. The New York rap executive said now is the time for blacks to come together to find the solution dealing with COVID-19.

“This is not a test. This is a real, life or death, state of emergency. I’m calling out to the African American community to give you some facts. We are in a life or death state of emergency. One out of ten Americans are black. One out of two of the corona fatalities are black. We are in trouble my people. We have to come together. We have to communicate. They’re not going to give us any time on the news. They’re not going to come up with the solutions for us. We have to come up with our own solutions.” -Diddy’s Instagram

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Diddy gives PSA on coronavirus 🦠

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