While Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose slowly return to their normal daily routines after welcoming in a baby boy earlier this year, the couple revealed how secure they keep their home with four-month-old baby Sabastian crawling around these days.

Although brief with the details, Wiz said they have their home fully baby-proofed.

Wiz and Amber came out to attend one of the biggest nights in hip hop when they arrived at the BET Awards on June 30, but they couldn’t help talking about their little bundle of joy, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, 4 months. The “Black and Yellow” rapper said he and Amber have baby proofed their house to protect their baby boy! He also revealed that his successful music career doesn’t come close to how much he loves being a dad. “It’s the best thing in the world,” Wiz said. So sweet! (Hollywood Life)

Rose publicly shouted out her soon-to-be husband on Father’s Day.

“Happy Father’s Day to the Love of my life @wizkhalifa thx for not putting ur babies on my face that night Lol j/k Love u ;-),” Rose tweeted June 16th.

“He’s such a good Daddy…. Rockin Bash to sleep #HappyFathersDay 🙂 http://instagram.com/p/apCl5KQvOE/”

“Ok my Instagram is hacked these f*ckers just hacked my husbands the other day…. Great.” (Amber Rose’s Twitter)

Recently, Wiz announced his upcoming solo album’s title.

“Juicy’s album comes out this August. My guys a legend and still puts in more work than u young n*ggas. #StayTrippy #Tgod,” Khalifa tweeted June 24th.

“Im droppin an album later this year too. & namin dat bitch “Blacc Hollywood”.” (Wiz Khalifa’s Twitter)

A few months ago, the rapper said he was already at the halfway point of the upcoming solo effort.

“I took a break when he was born, all the way up until now,” Wiz said in an interview, referring to his newborn son. “So I’ve been inactive for about six weeks. I haven’t been in the studio, I haven’t been doing anything so when I got back to work, I was really motivated. It felt good to be working. It was fun, I was coming up with new ideas. I feel like a lot of the raps that I’m spitting right now are so killer, I got to put an album out. Why wait? … I’m like fifty percent done. I’ve started and it’s almost done. Right now, I just need to take the pieces apart and put em back together as far as the business side goes because I literally just told my label yesterday that I want to do this. They’re like, ‘Ah, okay, so you’re going to hand it in really soon if you want to make that date. So I’m just about to hustle up.” (FUSE TV)