Things are only looking darker for incarcerated music mogul James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond as more witnesses have come forward to dish on his murder-minded ways during a mid-2000’s G-Unit war.

One of Henchman’s former workers has accused him of being blood-thirsty and focused on murder during the feud.

“He said, ‘These dudes ain’t going to be happy until they go to a funeral,’ ” testified Khalil Abdullah, who said he was one of Mr. Rosemond’s managers in the drug ring. Mr. Abdullah also testified last year, when Mr. Rosemond was convicted in Federal District Court in Brooklyn of running a cocaine ring that pulled in $11 million a year. Prosecutors in Manhattan sought a separate trial on the murder charge for Mr. Rosemond and one of his alleged co-conspirators, Rodney Johnson. (New York Times)

Another witnesse, Mohammed Stewart, claimed to have worked for Henchman and said he staked out various G-Unit affiliate homes.

As the feud escalated, Mr. Stewart said he was asked by Mr. Rosemond to take part in several tit-for-tat acts of violence. In 2007, he slashed Mr. Lighty’s brother with a razor in the street. He also admitted he had shot up a house on Staten Island belonging to Baja Walters, a road manager for G-Unit. Mr. Stewart said he spent many nights with Mr. Rosemond staking out 50 Cent, Tony Yayo or Mr. Lighty, looking for a chance to shoot them. “He said that, you know, they’re not going to understand what it is until they are carrying a coffin and they’re crying, like ‘I miss my homie,’ ” Mr. Stewart said. (New York Times)

During a murder trial last month in New York, a criminal witness revealed rap mogul Diddy’s interest in bringing peace to G-Unit and Rosemond’s camps.

The beef that allegedly led to the execution of a 50 Cent rap crew associate in 2009 involved a sit-down with P. Diddy, a drive-by shooting and an order to injure hip hop industry titan Chris Lighty, a witness said Wednesday in the murder-for-hire trial of music mogul and drug lord James (Jimmy Henchman) Rosemond. Khalil Abdullah, 40, said the years-long feud between Rosemond, of Czar Entertainment, and G-Unit, a clique that includes rapper 50 Cent and was managed by Lighty, hit a rough patch in 2006 after an argument before an awards show at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. (New York Daily News)

Despite Puff’s attempt, things did not turn out smoothly for Rosemond and Lighty.

P. Diddy, the rapper and producer once known as Puff Daddy, called a peace conference between Rosemond and Lighty, Abdullah said. But it didn’t go well. “Chris ended up mushing [Rosemond] in the face,” he said. “Puff jumped in between them and broke it up.” Rosemond told Abdullah to have Lighty shot in the leg, but the witness didn’t follow through on the order, he said in Manhattan Federal Court. In 2009, Rosemond hired Brian “Slim” McLeod and another goon to lure G-Unit hanger-on Lowell Fletcher to the Bronx and kill him, Abdullah said, citing a conversation he had with Rosemond a day or two later. (New York Daily News)