Grammy-winning rapper T.I. is going to have some weight on his shoulders with expectations of helping pack seats at his Atlanta Hawks’ home opener tonight (November 1) against the Indiana Pacers.

According to reports, the team recruited Tip to perform during halftime.

Rapper Tip “T.I.” Harris, an Atlanta native, will perform before the game, at halftime, and following the game. T.I.’s performances will reflect the marketing direction being taken by the team, especially following Levenson’s email written two years ago and made public last month in which he said “the black crowd scared away the whites” at games. Levenson has apologized for the email in which he also noted most of the team’s cheerleaders were black and hip-hop music was played. (Townhall)

Check out what Atlanta’s Killer Mike said about the Hawks’ summer controversy right here…

Despite the widespread reports and coverage, Atlanta’s Killer Mike dished his own theory on the public’s perception of ex-owner Bruce Levenson via social media in September.

Reports about Levenson deciding to sell his team over a racist e-mail went public in early September.

Levenson admits he sent the email to team execs back in 2012, urging them to get more suburban white fans at games. He then laid out all the problems with the current fan base, listing the following:

– it’s 70 pct black
– the cheerleaders are black
– the music is hip hop
– at the bars it’s 90 pct black
– there are few fathers and sons at the games
– the concerts [after games] are either hip hop or gospel (TMZ)

Levenson took things a step further by giving a one-sided theory on African American fans.

Levenson continued in the email … “My theory is that the black crowd scared away the whites and there are simply not enough affluent black fans to build a significant season ticket base.” He also complained that he’s told team execs, “I want some white cheerleaders … I have even bitched that the kiss cam is too black.” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says Levenson copped to the email in July — about 2 months after Donald Sterling was banned — and immediately informed the league he would sell the team. (TMZ)