[With the new Straight Outta Compton flick making history at the box office, late N.W.A. leader Eazy-E’s daughter E.B. Wright talks to SOHH about her new EB hat collection.]

Right now E.B. is a hat line. What’s funny is it started with me just wearing hats. I actually feel uncomfortable when I don’t have a hat on.

So when I started wearing hats, it was really just for me and organically, through time, people started asking me for hats and I’m like, “Wait, you would wear this EB hat?”

People were like, “Yeah, I would!”

So it really grew itself and I wasn’t doing anything to push or sell or do any of that. It was really for myself and people fell in love with it and so now I’m doing them.

I’ve partnered with one of the biggest manufacturers out here, they work with all of the big brands like Neff, Young & Reckless, everybody. It’s a pretty big deal.

Family ❤️ @RayJ . Athletes vs Cancer Football Game 🏈 #EBhats on wewanteb.com

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Right now it’s started with snapbacks but soon I’m going to get into the textile hats and the very high-end hats.

So I’m really excited about that happening. It’s been supported by a lot of sports athletes wearing them.

I actually launched my website, WeWantEB.com, the day of the [“Straight Outta Compton” movie] premiere so now it’s up and live.

I think there’s about two [EB hats] on there but there will be more coming soon. You can actually go purchase them now!

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