[After ending the storied “Paranormal Activity” franchise with last month’s “Ghost Dimension” release, director Jason Blum tells SOHH if diehard fans can expect a spin-off in the near future.]

I think it would be hard to be more satisfied than I am now. When we did the first movie I never thought I would be having this conversation eight years later.

One of the highlights has been when [actor] Steve Martin did a little skit on “Paranormal Activity” on the Academy Awards. We took this little homemade movie and really wove it into the culture.

That’s definitely a real thrill when you start with something as small as we began with.

We are really ending the franchise with “Ghost Dimension” but what I would say is if in five years a filmmaker comes with a whole different set of characters and a reboot of the idea with a different setting or something that’s very different, I wouldn’t say it’s impossible to think of a spin-off.

But the “Paranormal Activity” that we all know is what we have bid farewell to with this movie.

“Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension” is in theaters nationwide.