Hollywood actor/rapper Childish Gambino may not know where his future label status rests but he’s giving fans something to get excited about by hinting at an upcoming Chance the Rapper collaborative effort. #HintHint

Following a recent joint performance, Gambino revealed the duet project on Twitter this past weekend.

One of the hip hop collaborations of the year could be on the way after Childish Gambino hinted about an EP with Chance The Rapper. After performing together at The Governors Ball in New York, where Chance debuted a verse on their collaborative effort ‘The Worst Guys’, Childish, real name Donald Glover, took to Twitter to make the announcement. “now that chance finally released his verse on “worst guys”, maybe he can hurry up and finish the rest of our EP. #hinthint” (Mix Mag)

Last month, Gambino said he was already starting to take meetings with interested record labels.

“I talked to some majors,” Gambino told MTV News moments after performing at Power 106’s annual Powerhouse concert Saturday. “It’s really about sitting down, figuring out what they can offer.” Gambino didn’t divulge any names, but he did confirm that he’s been meeting with several big-time suitors. “A lot of power’s been shifted back to the consumer and the artist with the Internet,” he explained. “So I feel like we’re in a position to just talk and there’s still a lot of things that majors still understand a lot more.” (MTV)

Gambino resorted to Twitter to unleash a handful of emotional remarks about his label status in April.

“so this sweatpants video and blog was important to us.,” Gambino tweeted April 14.

“and it wasnt handled correctly.”

“we were told a lot of things were gonna happen and they were all lies. so im done. someone buy me out of this contract.”

“a lot of people came around after our first week sales. all those people are welcome now. def jam, atlantic, whatever.” (Childish Gambino’s Twitter)

The actor/rapper also vowed to never have his music compromised again.

“i dont like record companies. but im not having another project go through this.,” Gambino added.

“i said “i know how the internet works tho” my record company laughed on the phone and said “oh really?””

“dont lie to me”

“i know I’m not loud, or outrageous, or a white girl with a big a**, but im f*ckin honest.”

“my team is honest. ur not on my team if ur not honest. don’t lie to me.” (Childish Gambino’s Twitter)