[With G.O.O.D. Music head Kanye West’s presidential plans still a hot topic. affiliate Rhymefest talks to SOHH about the current state of their Chicago communities.]

I ran for city council back in 2011 but right now I still work in the community and live there too. I didn’t get money and opportunity and success and leave.

I recently got an Oscar for co-writing “Glory” with Common and John Legend. But I use that to be here and to show the community these awards. I tell them, “Look, you can have this too. I live right next door to you. If I got it and live here, you can get it and live here.”

I think one of the problems is we’re trying to get on and get out of the hood. We should be trying to get on to come back and repair the hood and turn it into a community.

I think we’ve been taught wrong about the communities. The hood didn’t do nothing to you.

The problem is what was in our mind. You can move out within your mind but you’re still there. So it’s going to be a hood wherever you go.

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