G-Unit’s Young Buck is keeping the music-making going in 2015 with the new release of his “Gas Up” song.

Buck Marley treated fans to his new Cap 1-assisted anthem Monday (January 26).

Young Buck continues to put his mic practice in. He’s back with another new song called ‘Gas Up’, this time combining forces with TRU’s Cap 1. Stream the Slade Da Monsta-produced track. (HHNM)

Check out the song right here…

Buck recently credited the recent Unit reunion for helping reinvent himself.

“This is like the reinvention of Buck. I’ve been away from the game for a minute. I been to prison and back, the whole nine. It’s almost like an untold story of where things was at with me and G-Unit and then to see us come back together and be stronger than ever and not miss a beat, that means a lot. Not just to us, but to the people, the fans. This is really just the beginning. This is just the kickoff. You’ve got to really focus on G-Unit. We in a situation where you dealing with a guy like 50 Cent that will move at any moment, at any second. He does whatever the f*ck he wanna do.” (HHDX)

Group member Tony Yayo talked about reuniting with the entire Unit last year.

“I think the best part is going to be flying the world. I think money comes and goes. Jewelry comes and goes. Friends come and go. I think traveling the world is the best thing and seeing other people relate that energy. When we are in Brazil. When we are in Africa. Angola. When we are in Germany. Russia. Any part of the world. They can never take that away from me. I flew the world.” (XXL Mag)

Lloyd Banks recently cited a lack of communication for putting distance between himself and Unit head 50 Cent.

“Me and 50 wasn’t talking for a while,” Banks said in an interview. “It was a lack of communication on both our parts. I don’t know what to chalk it up to. We been doing this for a long time. Over ten years. Went from being in a condo just planning over what we wanted to happen and to watch it play out…It wasn’t just me and 50. It was points me and Buck didn’t talk.” (“The Breakfast Club”)