The Clipse’s No Malice may not be interested in a full-fledged reunion alongside Pusha T, however, that’s not stopping him from releasing a new music video over the weekend.

No Malice has wet Clipse fans’ appetites with his new “Blasphemy” visual.

While the forthcoming Clipse album may be in limbo, No Malice is continuing to push his latest solo project, Here Ye Him. Today, the Virginia MC drops the video for the Fam-lay assisted track, “Blasphemy.” The treatment is littered with old school aesthetics combined with, well, randomness. Back in December, we spoke with the rapper formerly known as Malice about his transformation from cocaine rhyme slinger to his new lifestyle as a religious rapper. (XXL Mag)

Last month, No Malice revealed there were no immediate plans to start piecing together a long-awaited follow-up to 2009’s ‘Til The Casket Drops project.

Bad news: for now, the reunion rumors are not true. “There is no Clipse album in the works,” founding Clipse member No Malice told FADER exclusively today, over the phone from home in Virginia Beach, VA. “It’s not going down. I don’t know where the rumor stems from. And I don’t know how this keeps coming back up–this isn’t the first time. But I would never play with the fans like that and act like something’s about to happen and it’s not.” (The FADER)

Pusha T’s partner in rhymes also explained why he was not ready to start penning Clipse anthems again.

Meanwhile, No Malice points out that Pusha would be happy to get into the studio together: “I have heard Pusha express that he really wants to do a Clipse album. He’s ready one hundred percent!” But No Malice isn’t ready, and realizes his reticence to record with Pusha comes as a disappointment to some. “I think the fans want to rekindle that whole entire lifestyle which I no longer live,” he says. “But I will not be rapping like that. I was that, every bit of that lifestyle, and this is where I’m at now. I don’t condemn or have anything negative to say about anyone, this is just the move I chose to make.” (The FADER)

While he would not confirm or deny the reunion reports, Pusha recently admitted he would love to make new music with his brother.

“I never leaked anything about the Clipse. I didn’t do that. Nope. All I did was tell everybody I was in the studio for 20 days with Pharrell and Chad and then there was a leak that happened and then people found out that other people were down but I never said [anything]. I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t do that. I’m on my Pusha T right now. I don’t want to mislead nobody ‘but,’ we’re just working. [Collaborating with No Malice?] Oh, I would love for that. I love my brother. Yeah. [laughs]” (DJ Heat)

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Check out the “Blasphemy” music video: