[With the highly-anticipated “Welcome To JFK” album finally available, late hip-hop artist Chinx’s manager Biggs talks to SOHH about what’s next for him.]

[Chinx collaborator] Meet Sims is kind of a built-in artist in the sense we were already working with him prior to the tragedy and you hear him all over the project.

As things pertain to Chinx, it’s a full-time job. I’m managing, I’m executive producing, I’m mixing and mastering. We’re an independent.

Even though we’re putting it through an indie, i.e. eOne, we are still responsible for the delivery of all of the assets. So it requires me to wear multiple hats.

Out of respect for what I want his legacy to be and the level I operate when I’m dealing with artists, it’s more than a business. It’s a personal thing.

I put everything including the kitchen sink behind it. So I haven’t picked up any other artists yet. I do consult with other artists but whoever is on the roster is what we are focusing on.

Once we’ve done this and gone to another project, there will be time for that but for right now I’m just making sure ever ‘t’ is crossed and ever ‘I’ is dotted.

It’s personal to me. It’s more what I would want done for me if the shoe was on the other foot. I’m not going to sign an artist just to sign them. There has to be a game plan, there has to be a trajectory, usually most artists are not in the financial position to take on the other responsibilities to where it needs to be.

So there has to be financial commitment. There’s so much more to management, to me, than what it seems.

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