G-Unit head 50 Cent is once again in the mood to put the past behind him and focus on new endeavors by teaming up with one-time former rap rivals The LOX for a track.

A new photo of Fif alongside L-O-X’s Jadakiss and Styles P has made its ways online.

I think it’s an ill thing to see 50 setting aside the differences he’s had with former rivals. Just recently, Joey Crack and 50 appeared together on Kay Slay‘s “Free Again” and last night, 50 posted the above photo on Instagram with the caption: “Animal Ambition on the way. It’s getting ready to get CRAZY #smsaudio.” While Ferrari resolved his “beef” with The Lox awhile ago, this will mark the first time Jada, Pinero the Ghost and 50 have worked together (50 hopped on Jada’s “Dump” back in 2010). I’m looking forward to Animal Ambition. (2 Dope Boyz)

Despite mounted anticipation for Street King Immortal, Fif recently his priority was releasing underground project Animal Ambition.

“There’s an album I am putting out before Street King Immortal. The title is called Animal Ambition. It’s an untamed desire to win. The record is overall about prosperity, ambition, and has an entrepreneurial energy–it’s all from a distorted perspective. I just been really excited about the concept, been writing and had a lot of time to create material for the release because it’s taken so long.” (Complex)

The Unit leader also stressed how much emphasis he put into his writing.

“So when you listen the record, you’ll see it because I told you it, it’s about ambition. If I didn’t say that, you wouldn’t listen to the record and say what’s that song called? Cause when Biggie was saying, “Damn, n*ggas wanna stick me for my paper,” that’s writing prosperity, but the effects of it from others. Jealousy is created from you moving forward. I wrote it from a lot of different angles in order to create an album with all the facets I was comfortable with so it could all have one thing.” (Complex)

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