As summer love low-key looms in the near distance, it’s no secret everyone could use a little relationship goals chasing. Whether it’s Amber Rose and 21 Savage’s publicized split or Nicki Minaj apparently on the open market – there’s no better dating app than Tinder in 2018 for the person on the go.

Tinder’s app has changed the online dating landscape. So much so, that other dating sites like must offer hefty discounts to stay relevant. Tinder suggests potential matches based on geographical location and all you have to do to confirm whether they’re a match for you or not is to swipe right. Around 50 million people are using this app, and 12 million of them find a match on a daily basis!

Maybe your kindred spirit is already waiting for you on Tinder, whereas more interesting facts and stats about this app can be found in the infographic below.

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