[With G-Unit head 50 Cent taking a chance by going the indie route following a long run with Shady Records, Mobb Deep’s Prodigy tells SOHH contributor Nikita Rathod about the luxury of music biz independence.]

Having the Albert Einstein EP released from your own independent label, Infamous Records, do you think your music is any different to when you have a big label behind it? Do you think the sound is any more different, do you feel freer, less pressure, or more of your own in it?

I mean throughout the years we were always free to do what we wanted to do with our music. We never had the label tell us what to do or we never had no pressure to make a radio single or nothing like that.

From the beginning, we always had full creative control. But it’s different because I own it, it’s my label, it’s a legacy that I’m leaving behind with my kids and their kids so of course I’m going to feel different making the songs and writing the lyrics and everything that I do.

It’s more personal now, because it’s something that I own that I’m leaving behind for the whole world, not just for my kids and my grandkids or whatever, I’m leaving this behind for the whole world to hear, 100 years after I’m dead and gone.

So when I’m creating the music, it’s more personal now. It’s something that I actually own and it’s something that I feel more connected to now, it’s not just like I’m making music just to make money to give to some label.

It’s actually a part of me now, now I actually own it and I feel differently about it because of that. You know, it’s more personal now.

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