Why Was Kanye’s ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ Censored?

Written By Trenton Coley

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In 2010, musical Messiah Kanye West released My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The album gave fans some truly awesome tracks to add to their Kanye favs. All Of The Lights w/ Rihanna & Kid Cudi and Runaway featuring Pusha T was everywhere. Not to mention the track, Monster, w/ Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, & Rick Ross. As good as all these tracks still are today, what everybody remembers most about this Ye album is the controversial album cover. Ya'll remember that cover... w/ the painting that look like the Deez Nutz dude getting a lap dance from some kind of lady-monster. Whatever it was, it was enough to get the cover censored, drawing plenty of attention to the album. But why was it really censored?

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Granted, the album cover did catch some bad press because of the image of a naked child, but no censors. Hmm? Let’s take a look at Ye’s controversial album cover…

This image was blurred when the album released because some folks felt it was too risky. I personally think that it was censored for 2 reasons: 1) Because Kanye is Kanye and some specific people may abuse their authoritative powers just to see his reactions. 2) The image of a nude black man intermingling with a naked caucasian skinned female character scares the hell out of traditional America. The real answer comes from Kanye himself, stating he picked the specific image with intentions of having the album banned.

Why do you think Kanye’s album got censored but Nirvana’s didn’t? I’ll wait…

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Written by Trenton Coley

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