New York radio station veteran Angie Martinez is far from retired after hanging up the microphone at Hot 97 yesterday (June 18) and is reportedly joining forces with the company’s rival, Power 105.1. #MadeYouLook

According to reports, Angie will have her own afternoon show at Power 105.1.

On Thursday morning (June 19), Clear Channel announced that Martinez would be joining the team at rival radio station Power 105. 1, in addition to airing on 103.5 The Beat in Miami. She’s set to host a new afternoon show, running fro 2 – 6 p.m in New York. Power 105 and Hot 97 have been fierce competitors in recent years, so the move is definitely unexpected. (MTV)

Martinez broke the Hot 97 exit news to her Instagram followers yesterday afternoon.

“Today I resigned from HOT97. I am grateful to the Emmis family for my time with the company and the immeasurable way that it has shaped my life. We made history together in so many ways and I will cherish those memories and my friendships forever. This was one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever had to make but ultimately it is time to move on, to grow and to be challenged in new ways.” (Angie Martinez’s Instagram)

Angie also revealed Wednesday would mark her final show on the popular radio station.

“Saying goodbye is always emotional and bitter sweet but I am extremely excited about the future. Thank you HOT97 and most importantly….the listeners… for an unimaginable journey. Today will be my last show ?? stay tuned…. Love, angie” (Angie Martinez’s Instagram)

A couple years ago, Angie reflected on her short-lived rap career.

“Me being on the radio has just become a part of who I am. It’s not even my job anymore, it’s just who I am. There’s other things I like to do on the side, I had an opportunity to make music for a little while, that was fun. I might not have been the greatest artist in the world but I traveled the world, I learned, I got that off. It was fun and I don’t regret it at all,” she said in an interview. “I cringe sometimes when I hear some of those songs, I really can’t. I don’t want to disrespect the producers or anybody else but it’s like looking at an old high school picture of yourself, you’re like, ‘Oh, there’s that picture again,’ or ‘There I am in that outfit or saying that stupid thing again.’ It’s that type of thing. I don’t think I’d go back to making music, that was an experience I had and it was great but it wasn’t a natural state.” (Complex)