Now, I’m sure we’ve heard plenty of rappers and singers stating that they would die for someone. I’ve even heard of people willing to die for Hip-Hop. LOL.

There are not too many people in this world that I would lay down my life for. My belief in God. Props to all those kids in Columbine who died for thier belief in God. I’d die for my son. I’d die for my wife. NOTE this is my wife, not my wifee/long-time girlfriend/top bitch. Big difference. I’d die for my parents.

I do not live or die for Hip-Hop. If you do, more power to you.

I’m not dying for my dog. I love him but I’m not switching places with an animal who licks his balls all day.

I would not die for a friend. Especially a friend who still lives with his mom or has no job. I don’t see the point in me dying so my friend can walk around all day pouring our cheap beer for me wishing he could take my spot.

So who would you die for?