Midwest spitter Freddie Gribbs recently took time to speak with SOHH about his reputation for being an industry outlaw in an era where most MC’s find it easier to keep the peace.

When asked how he felt about being compared to young Tupac Shakur, Gibbs explained that he is simply staying true to himself.

“It’s whatever … to me that’s love. I’m definitely not one to go off and offend muthaf*ckas for no reason, but I just say what I wanna say,” Freddie explained. “It’s all outta good fun so it’s best to just be cool with me cause n*ggas don’t wanna shoot that fair one. None of these muthaf*ckas gonna say a d*mn thing to me, man. It be alotta talk on Twitter and behind closed doors, though.” (SOHH)

Earlier this year, Gibbs was part of a Twitter feud with fellow rapper Cashis, an occurrence he says is barely worth thinking about.

“Who the f*ck is Ca$his, my n*gga? See that’s what I’m saying … b*tch n*ggas like that ain’t even on my radar. N*gga can’t even get a dollar for an appearance or a verse. He’s irrelevant. So when n*ggas ask me about him … I be like what?” (SOHH)

Now part of Jeezy‘s Corporate Thugz Entertainment imprint, Freddie says hip-hop will always need a controversial figure to add life to the game.

“I know it’s gonna be some controversy with me comin’ up … I’m the most controversial n*gga in rap. The game need it! N*ggas got to get their chain [taken] and knocked out and sh*t like that man. There’s gotta be that sh*t. I heard a rapper just got his chain took, too man. Watch out, it’s rough out here. Tell that n*gga I wanna send my prayers out to him — he know who he is. His clique makin’ money so I know they gonna buy him another one to make that sh*t look like it ain’t happen.” (SOHH)

In April, the Indiana MC made headlines for statements made against Bay Area artist Lil B.

“No f*ck sh*t. This ain’t no Lil B Based God or no f*cking f*ggot sh*t like that up here,” Freddie told fans at a Southpaw Brooklyn show April 27th. “What the f*ck you thought this was? N*gga this is real rap. N*gga. Based God get the f*ck outta here n*gga.” (YouTube)

Check out some previous interview footage of Freddie Gibbs below: