Where was Jay-Z? That’s my question. Out of all the performers on the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors show, Jay-Z should have been there. I mean, Big Daddy Kane was his first manager and The Notorious B.I.G. was his boy. This nigga ain’t show up for neither one of them.

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Sure, he may have been busy, but I would think paying tribute to the man you quote every song would be important. I mean, they performed ‘A DREAM’ from Jay-Z’s The Gift & The Curse. Shouldn’t he have been there to do all that see I said, he I said bullshit?

Nas wasn’t at the show but he recorded a little something for him. Told a lil story about how him and BIG was working on a remix. That was cool. Snoop said some kind words about him. Even Ice-T said something. But out of all the rappers with something to say about B.I.G., it should have been Jay.

What could have been more important that paying tribute to a person he claims he got so much love for? Wasn’t this the same guy who he was on the phone with everyday? Overseeing Memphis Bleek studio sessions ain’t mportant. Signing more Young Jeezy’s is not that important.

Face it. Jigga has a habit of turning his back on people. Ask Jaz-O. Ask Ski. Ask Primo.

Let’s ask Beans.

XXL: Did you ever speak to Jay after the whole separation?
Beans: Nah, the last conversation that I had with Jay was when I got sentenced. It was real brief." – XXL Magazine, November 2005

No letter for Beans? No phone call to Beans?

How does this negro sleep at night?