The other day while looking at the back of my Beanie Sigel album The B. Coming, I noticed it was Damon Dash‘s new imprint, The Damon Dash Music Group.

And then, I noticed the tiny logo next to it which read ‘Criminal Background Records’ and it got me thinking – where is the longevity in a record label like Criminal Background Records?

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s good that rappers create companies for themselves, but at the same time what you name them is very important.

Take a look.

  • Bad Boy Records – It’s CEO beat down Steve Stout with champaign bottles.
  • Ruthless Records – Known for jerking it’s artists and producers from Ice Cube to Dr. Dre.
  • Death Row Records – Tupac Shakur. ‘Nuff said.

Maybe it’s me but I just can’t see me telling my parents I work for Criminal Background Records.