Today’s blog is inspired by Ice Cube‘s Amerikkka’s Most Wanted. SOHH, what does BET think about you?

Well, we already know that BET feels that the Little Brother video is too intelligent for you. They feel a video which contains no guns and/or malicious ass-shaking will go over your head. BET’s publicist Michael Llewellen said "It’s not true, not in that context." Um, many other ways can you take the statement "it’s too intelligent for the BET audience"?

Now BET is starting to promote The BET Comedy Awards. The 30 second promo spot says "THE BET COMEDY AWARDS ARE COMING…" A few seconds later it reads "PAY YOUR DAMN CABLE BILL."

So I guess BET assumes that you can’t understand a video without guns, tits and ass plus you don’t pay your bills on time.