One-hit wonder Afroman is back to his old ways after recently announcing a retirement from live performances following a publicized attack on a female concertgoer last month.

Footage of Afroman performing at a charity event this weekend has surfaced.

Afroman appeared in Lansing, Michigan Saturday night for a charity show. The last we saw of the rapper was when he ferociously cold-cocked a woman on stage, and it wasn’t the first time he did such a thing. He said he would retire from appearing in concert and promised to enter an anger management rehab program. (TMZ)

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Afroman posted up a lengthy Facebook post with his huge retirement announcement a few weeks ago.

“Young man whoever you are I want to apologize again for throwing you off stage. I understand if you never ever forgive me also . I just got accepted into a anxiety anger mgt class . I start Friday . I no longer have the desire to perform for people . I will continue to record I will continue to make albums I will continue to make videos I will continue to make movies . Forgive me my debts as I forgive my debtors . I want to thank all the fans that forgave me . At one point I hated Ofc. Wilson now I am Ofc. Wilson or catching a similar fraction of the type of hate he caught” (Facebook)

He also used the social media platform to issue an open apology.

I DID NOT UNLOAD A DEVISTATING PUNCH ” LIKE TMZ LIED AND SAID I DID It was a slap/ push . SHE WAS NEVER BLEEDING LIKE TMZ LIED AND SAID SHE WAS !!!!!! IT WAS A SLAP/PUSH !!! And she quickly recovered. This situation is still bad however I must clarify its not as bad as lying news publications would have you believe. The incident with the guy in Cincinnati did not happen the next night like mediatakeout lied and said it did . It happened last year. … Young lady I do not know your name I want to truly apologize for slapping you. I understand if you never forgive me ever.” (Facebook)

Afroman’s rep made sure to come forward to speak out about the attack last month.

“This was a completely involuntary reflex reaction to people infringing on his stage space,” his rep said in a prepared statement. “It was uncharacteristic behavior that was initiated by outside uncontrolled forces.” His rep blamed a lack of security at the venue — something included on his rider — and noted Afroman often has trouble with fans coming onstage. (Billboard)