Celebrity mom Kris Jenner is receiving some backlash this holiday weekend after shouting out rap star Kanye West and referencing his unforgettable “N*ggas In Paris” anthem on social media.

Jenner sparked some backlash for not dropping the N-bomb reference in a Twitter post this weekend.

Kris congratulated Kim and Kanye on their 1-year anniversary Saturday, reminiscing about the uber-fancy wedding in Florence following a blow-out party in Versailles. Kris posted, “Kanye treated us to fireworks … And if you listen closely … his huge hit song “Great People in Paris …” She didn’t want to use the real title, “(N-word) in Paris.” Some people are railing on Kris, grousing, “Things white people say,” and others calling her “ignorant.” (TMZ)

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Jenner also posted up some footage of her son-in-law and daughter Kim Kardashian‘s publicized one-year anniversary celebration.

Kim acknowledged the special day by posting up various anniversary pictures onto Instagram this weekend.

Stepping into Versailles both in Margiela

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Bae in Paris 😍

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Lana ❤️

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I'm feelin' our Margiela looks #WeddingWeek #Versailles

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According to reports, Yeezy treated Kim K to a couple unexpected goodies during her stint in Brazil this past Mother’s Day.

North West‘s mom was in São Paulo, Brazil, on Sunday for a business trip to promote her recent partnership with clothing chain C&A to sell K Kardashian Kollection in Brazilian malls, as reported by Forbes in April. Kim, 34, was surprised by her rapper husband not once, but twice, on Sunday with extravagant gestures. (People)