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“We’re Two Of The Livest N*ggas In The Game Right Now” [Video]

Written By S. Samuel

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Triple C’s Gunplay recently discussed his upcoming Valkrie mixtape and expressed why he feels Waka Flocka Flame is one of hip-hop’s most crunkest artists.

The Maybach Music Group artist said fans should specifically look out for his new Flocka collaboration, “Rollin'”. 

“I got Waka Flocka on that single, ‘Rollin.’ If y’all haven’t heard it yet, just Google that sh*t. Gunplay, ‘Rollin’. You’re gonna hear that sh*t [on my upcoming] mixtape…We’re two of the livest n*ggas in the game right now when it comes to energy and crunkness, you know,” Gunplay said in an interview with Mikey T The Movie Star referring to Waka Flocka Flame. “I got a different kind of crunk, [Flocka’s] just crunk all the way. I got a different kind of crunk. It’s that sh*t, I don’t know, I just do what I do. They just be vibing that sh*t in the street — We got things going on. Y’all don’t understand.” (Movie Star Status DVD)

Waka Flocka recently defended his lack of lyrical dexterity.

“I don’t feel like I’m no lyricist. I’m not in the booth trying to godd*mn rap big words,” Flocka explained in an interview. “I’m not tryin’ to show off my intelligence. Anybody could memorize big words, put ’em together. I could do that. But if I don’t use the words on an everyday basis, why use the words in my rap? I just like music. I’m a lover of making music. It could be a big record, small record–as long as I’m making songs. One day it’ll pop; that’s how I look at it. Yeah. What I did in one year–one year–a lot of people accomplish in 10 years. A lot of people don’t like that. They feel I don’t deserve what I got. I’m a hard-a** worker. And I’m here for a reason. This sh*t ain’t luck. I don’t believe in luck.” (RESPECT)

A few months ago, SOHH talked to rapper Twista about co-signing Flocka, and why he chose to feature him on his new album, The Perfect Storm.

“The connection with a Twista and Waka, people think lyrics,” Twista told SOHH. “So they’re thinking, ‘How did he…?,’ but the connection with me and Waka is the street vibe. Waka Flocka’s vibe and the stuff he talks about reminds me of my hood, the city of Chicago. So my vibe with him is more so on a street level and I kind of vibe with him on a street level. I also understand we’re in different times. I know if an artist picks up a pen and tries to write something, he’s definitely trying to make something. So when I hear music, I feel like I can sometimes hear the artistry in music faster than other people. Some people have to wait for a song to blow up to realize an artist has potential, but when I hear him, I hear a hood n*gga having fun. [laughs] That’s my whole vibe with it. That’s my connection with him, I felt like I connected with him on that street level rather than his rhymes or whether he could rap. I pride myself in being able to make a song with anybody, so we got it in and did what we did.” (SOHH)

In addition to Gunplay, Rick Ross is currently acquiring other new artists to his Maybach Music Group roster including Meek Millz.

“I look for next year to be an even bigger year,” Ross said in an interview. “We just brought Jah Cure to the team. That’s one of the biggest reggae superstars in the game. We just did a deal with that. Look for that first quarter. I’m talking to an artist out of Philly that I think is the future of Philly. Meek Millz, I’m talking to him right now about Maybach Music. As well as I’m talking to Wale.” (The Source)

Check out Gunplay’s interview below:

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Written by S. Samuel

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