Gossip talk show host Wendy Williams is not throwing shade but instead trying to create a debate on who likely burglarized Nicki Minaj‘s California mansion.

During a segment on Wendy’s daily talk show, she pointed out some keys facts surrounding the crime which sparked audience members making Meek Mill connections.

“They’re not tipping furniture, emptying drawers, breaking picture frames, perfume bottles, oh yes, oh yea. Cutting up clothes, making off with $200,000 worth of jewelry. That’s what a normal burglar does but that other thing? It’s personal. So who would have done this? [Meek Mill and who?] His sister? Look, I don’t know anything about Meek Mill or his sister being involved in this, I don’t know, and certainly, when you get to be as big as Nicki, you’ve made enough enemies along the way because you have to break a lot of eggs to make an omelet.” (“The Wendy Williams Show”)


A few days ago, Meek shut down a paparazzo after getting asked about Nicki’s burglary.


“Do it look like I rob people? I got about 450 on my neck, about 80 on the wrist. Do it look like I rob people? [Did I speak to Nicki about the robbery?] You asking too many f*cking questions about my personal life. Get to it.” (TMZ)

Since the crime went down, Nicki’s beefed up her home security.

Sources close to Nicki tell us … she’s going all out with a security system that includes cameras to cover the sprawling grounds. She’s also hiring 24/7 security guards for when she’s there and when she’s out of town. We’re told when her house was burglarized the only cameras cops could use were street cams … so she wants to ensure there’s footage of any future culprits. (TMZ)

Last week, rap star Game weighed-in on Nicki’s publicized robbery.

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