[With SOHH many beautiful women in the world, WCW just isn’t enough. SOHH correspondent Marcus “Quest” Sims helps you enjoy the next 48 hours with his “Weekend Woman Warrior” selection. This weekend’s pick: Shakira]

This weekend’s special lady hails from Detroit but now calls Los Angeles home. Please meet Shakira:


If you’re trying to get in good with her, forget the fancy restaurant on the first date she’d have more fun bowling:


Shakira’s more than a pretty face (a really pretty face). She’s in the process of becoming a certified personal trainer so she can continue to help people live healthy lives:


A few of her favorite things are sushi, any place with a beach, and light liquor (namely tequila):


This single 20-something beauty has been known to hit up a strip club a time or 2 and blow some bands (that makes her perfect in our book):


She’s looking forward to going on an http://exclusivevacationseries.com/ so she can finally hit up a nude beach with a few other sexy friends:


She also says that the one woman in history she’d like to be would be Michelle Obama because “I have so much respect for her, her position as the first black FLOTUS makes her someone to look up to.”


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