[With SOHH many beautiful women in the world, WCW just isn’t enough. SOHH correspondent Marcus “Quest” Sims helps you enjoy the next 48 hours with his “Weekend Woman Warrior” selection. This weekend’s pick: Ariana]

This weekend we bring you the beautiful Ariana:

Lil mama hold it down like she supposed to ✨

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This Orange County native now calls Santa Ana home:


She seems to have a lot in common with her favorite artist Drake:

I'm on my grind ….& there's only one thing on my mind 🤑😈

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Dark liquor makes her go all emo, she loves making it rain at the strip club and her female friends are friends with benefits:


Her talent is “getting money” and she believes STRONGLY that:
“No woman should ever be broke in this life”:

There’s so much to live about Ariana so her are a few bullet points

Her dream threesome would be with Angie (@noforeign) and Gracie (@graciii3):

❣❣👑🤑💙💜👅 @noforeign #a1sinceday1

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If you’re trying to score cool points, forget the fancy restaurant (even though BOA is her fave) she’d rather hit up a bowling alley and have a round of shots:

Mood #fbf w/ @j_alexphotos 😜

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She’s a fan of going commando and is team Android (F&%$ FaceTime):


If NASA called her to take that thirty year one way trip to Mars the 1 thing she’d have to have is her vibrator (oh and a lot of batteries Mars is a really long way from walmart to get some more):

The best ever, don't ever question, you know better😈 #firstplace 👑

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To keep up with all her moves follow her at: https://www.instagram.com/arianashantelcr/