Atlanta rapper Young Thug is all about keeping it 100. The hip-hop star pulled through for a memorable live TIDAL x CRWN interview last night dishing on everything from his early grind days to blowing up as a rap heavyweight. Watch below and check out some of our fave highlights!

  • Why numbers don’t matter: “I don’t care for numbers, I only care for craft. I don’t pay attention to them. What made me care about the numbers this time is to show all the people that’s coming up”
  • Importance of not letting the game change you: “A lot of you rapper niggas need to get that shit right man. Everybody came from something, don’t let this change you. I’ve had a lot of millions, it won’t change me. I hate to see it changing yall niggas, yall niggas need to get yall mind right. Fuck is yall doing.”
  • Why Thug supports new artists: I used to look at Birdman be with Lil Wayne when I was young and cry like fuck I wanna big homie. I like to put people on, I want everybody to feel my joy. Gunna seen me buy my mama a car and a house for her birthday and he crying…the whole time I’m think man how the fuck can I make this nigga a superstar. I want him to do this for his mama next year. We did it.”
  • Getting J. Cole to freestyle: “I feel like this the one of his best [verses] because he a writer. He tough with that pen. I didn’t see him write that [verse], he was tryna keep up with me in the studio, because I freestyle songs… so that’s one of the best verses cause I seen him just go in the booth and think this shit out bar for bar.”