Ohio’s Stoney Dudebro is back on his music grind after taking some time off with a summer banger. The hip-hop artist links with crooner Chase LA for their new “Fake Friends” video premiere.

In the newly released clip, Stoney and Chase trade bars as they dish on the side effects fake friends can bring with them.

Stoney Dudebro is a 28 year old male rapper born in Cleveland, OH and raised in Akron, who is giving his dreams of becoming an influential rapper a second chance after a six year hiatus. During that six year hiatus he focused on graduating from college, finding a career, strengthening his relationship with his high school sweetheart and eventually marrying her, and getting a promotion with relocation to California – which brings us here.

This song was created when Chase LA visited Stoney Dudebro at his home in California’s Central Valley.

The two were catching up on old times reminiscing about growing up together in northeast Ohio and performing in the Cleveland music scene during the rise of acts like King Chip, Ray Jr, and most notably Machine Gun Kelly.

During a late night sesh the two started listening to beats and it all clicked when they came across producer ADOT THE GOD. After the beat was discovered it only took about an hour for “Fake Friends” to be created.