Houston rapper Slim Thug is keeping it 100. The hip-hop veteran has come forward to deliver a very big public service announcement to women doing the most on social media in 2019 and defend men cheating on them. Watch below!

“I just want to remind the fellas out there that it is not our fault, it is not our fault that we end up players, that we end up cheating and stuff like that happens. We are not even the worse no more. Women cheat more than the males cheat. Women cheat all the time. Women flirt. They’re on Instagram. Social media. Facebook. Whatever. At work. Whatever it may be. Not only that, look at what they wear. You be having boyfriends but wearing sh*t that show way too much. You got your a** out, you got your t*tties out. How can you expect a dude that is heterosexual not like you, not try to f*ck you – it’s all y’all fault. Y’all run around this motherf*cker reckless. So a dude ain’t got no choice but to f*ck up.”

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🤷🏿‍♂️ IG is Soft porn

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