Cash Money Records boss Birdman’s Rich Gang crew just lost a key member with Atlanta rapper Rich Homie Quan revealing he would break away from the squad this week.

In a new interview, Quan revealed he would take a hiatus from Rich Gang in an effort to focus on his own solo music.

“I have been focusing more on myself, I’ve stepped away from Rich Gang a little bit just to get back to Quan. The people want Quan back.” (Hot 107.9)

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Last month, Quan weighed-in on the publicized feud between Rich Gang head honcho Birdman and Young Money’s Lil Wayne.

“Like I said, man, I really didn’t know what’s going on in that situation,” Quan said in an interview. “Me and Birdman’s business is me and Birdman’s business. Thug and Birdman business is Thug and Birdman’s business and so f*cking so on. Me and Birdman talked about that situation but I’m not going to put y’all onto their business or whatnot. We had words about it. Other than that we can’t do nothing but move forward — I’ve got nothing but respect for Wayne, he’s still my big brother regardless. Bird’s still my uncle regardless.” (VLAD TV)

A few months ago, Birdman said his game plan was to help build Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug‘s careers simultaneously.

“I met Thug, flew him to L.A. to come see me and we connected from there, then Quan came to the table. I always believed in unity, that’s always been my thing. They were already working on a project, them two, and I said, ‘Let’s do it together. Let me take it to the next level for y’all, ’cause I see y’all got the potential and the talent.'” (MTV)

Last summer, Quan said Birdman had provided his multi-decade advice and helped steer him in the right direction.

“I’m helping Birdman with the Rich Gang project,” said Rich Home Quan. Of his relationship with the Cash Money mogul he added, “Birdman is more like a big brother I never had. He gives me a lot of creative advice. A lot of wisdom. I just kick it with him every day, we just a family.” (XXL Mag)