Hollywood actress Halle Berry is making the best out of a hot summer. The Academy Award winner went online this past weekend to share a sneak peek at her swimsuit goals at the age of 53 and to deliver a motivational message to her fans.

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“Sometimes you have to say f*ck it, and just do it! ✨” -Halle Berry’s Instagram

“Happy #FitnessFriday everyone! Today I want to share an important reminder – HAVE. FUN. Workouts don’t always have to be strict or goal oriented. Discipline is great, but it’s not everything. So get out there, try something new! Something that makes you laugh and smile – skateboard, bike, swim, roller-skate, chase your kids, do cartwheels. The endorphin rush will still be there, those calories will still burn, and most importantly – you’ll cultivate a little extra joy in your practice. Happy Friday!! ♥️” -Halle Berry’s Instagram